#27: 1JustCity 101 with Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud

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“It’s pretty magical when people get together with good intentions!”  In a LIVE recording with Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud, we hear about how the organization 1JustCity is anchored in social justice, as they ‘actively love Winnipeg’s underloved’. This far-reaching conversation spans questions about privilege, social justice, and needs-based services like providing a free sandwich, somewhere to sleep, and a whole lot more. 

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What are three things you love? In a LIVE event with @tessawhitecloud , Executive Director of #winnipeg @1justcity I let my mind travel alongside 70 women who are leaders in their workplaces, communities and families. Nope, this is not the usual Travelling Minds conversation- it’s not about Tessa’s travels in Palestine; instead, it’s about her work here in Winnipeg, “actively loving the underloved” with a great team of volunteers and staff. Since starting this podcast, I’ve learned that a lot of travellers come home with 2 new things in their backpack: 1) a realization of how privileged they are, and 2) a sense of discomfort with what to do next with this realization. Tessa is a great person to ‘think global, act local’ with. I got to ask about privilege. I learned something I’ll never forget about crystal meth in Winnipeg. I heard about what reconciliation can look like in an impromptu, somewhat illegal overnight shelter. I got to hear about “loving Winnipeg’s underloved”, and how love is not to be taken for granted. So, what are 3 things you love? Comment below! 📸 @paulajefff

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