“After Birth” The Pain Mothers Must Never Expose, Demeter Press (Forthcoming)
“To the Diner at the Legion” Emerge 22, The Writer’s Studio Anthology (SFU)
“Ata Island, 1977” Emerge 22, The Writer’s Studio Anthology (SFU)
“Gap year” Emerge 22, The Writer’s Studio Anthology (SFU)
“Happy Baby” The Mum Poet Club Guide to Self-Care, Mum Poet Press


I came to take notes. Instead, I learned.” Returning to Spirit
I Stayed in an Earthship, Here’s How it Went!” The Eco Hub
“How Slow Travel May be the Remedy to Fast Lifestyles” The Eco Hub
“What are the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?” The Eco Hub


“Cousin Told Me” Writes of Spring 2021, Winnipeg International Writers Festival and The Winnipeg Free Press

Self Published

Aude Sapere- The Homeopathic Oracle Deck.” Editor of the deck.
Babybytes: Becoming a Mom as the World Locked Down” Written, edited, published by Libby Jeffrey (2020)
“Cook’s Chronicles” Written by Jacqueline Lela Cook, Edited by Libby Jeffrey (2013)