4 Steps to Make Your Travel Goals a Reality!

Do you have a travel goal that’s always in the back of your mind, but never actually happens? 

Black.Kintsugi has an ambitious travel goal to see every country in the world, and has recently gone to the 60th country on her list! In this episode: 4 Steps to Make Your Travel Goals a Reality, get motivated for the New Year! 

4 Steps to Make Your Travel Goals a Reality:
Go write it down!

There is a power to manifest things we have written down. Start by writing your goal down- no matter how vague it is at the beginning! How much do you imagine it will cost? What are the experiences you want to have?

Go do!

Make up your mind and take actionable steps. The magic is in the doing, and a great way to start is to tell someone about your travel plans!

Go for the gold!

Start putting away a percentage of your income into a side account. You won’t even notice it is gone, but this is essential so that you know you are steadily working towards this trip! Pelumi recommends Munzo and Libby recommends Trail Wallet.

Go alone!

Pelumi highly recommends travelling alone at least once in your life! Waiting for someone to go with is an excuse that may mean the trip just never happens. Start going out alone before going on your trip to begin getting used to it.