#9: Row- A Family of 4 Finds a Home Base in France

Hear how a wishlist created 19 years ago led to a family of 4 travelling in Europe for 4 months (May-Aug 2017). Row, Kelly, and their pre-teen sons Jonathan and Adam rented a house in Orbey, France, which was a home base while they also travelled weekly using the Eurail 3 month pass.  

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  • Row, her husband Kelly and their two kids: Jonathan (12) Adam (11) travelled May – Aug 2017 and saw 15 countries, 38 cities.
  • Travelled with the Eurail pass for 3 months. After 90 days, they had to leave the Schengen region, so split one month between Montenegro and the UK.
  • Unexpected surprise: Kotor, Montenegro was beautiful, great for families. There was also a waterpark in Budva that was a huge hit since it was scorching hot : 40 – 45 degrees with humidity!
  • Loved the first class train from Prague: “It’s the best meal we ever had!”
  • Most adventurous experience was canyoning in Fier, France.
  • The hiking in St Wolfgang, Austria was so beautiful they called it “God’s Country.”