My Fave Excuses

Excuses. Oh, we all have favourites. A few of mine: not enough coffee, too busy (when not busy), too dark out, too busy (when actually busy), too much coffee, spouse is a shift worker (so I can’t), too… too… too…

BUT, today I write you about a whole other set of favourite excuses. As Lynnea and I prepped for the co-facilitated art therapy this Sunday, I caught myself saying to her:

“Thank you! You gave me an excuse to get my pastels out!”

Too fun. It’s easy to forget that excuses go in both directions. Yes, the ‘so I can’t, cause x y and z’ gets a lot of air time. But, there’s also the generative, delicious excuses that move you toward something. Like, my rainbow of pastels.

It’s often a person who is the excuse: they extend an invite to go for a hike, a comedy show, or they go to the same bridge club and I want to see them each week. (Real example? Maybe 😉 )

I desperately needed excuses in new motherhood. An excuse to try something new, to miss bedtime (even if I was just in the basement working on my book, or MomAlong), or an excuse to build my village by asking new people to babysit. It took courage to seize the opportunities that came up- each step felt HARD.

These days, I am watching for excuses I’d love to find. I’d love an excuse to be away for a few nights in 2023. To spend a whole day editing poetry in a refreshing space. To go see live music. An excuse to rent cross country skis, and use them often during the rental period. I hope I jump on the right opportunity when I see it.

What invitations (or, excuses) would you love to embrace if they came up?

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