1. A whole lot of first drafts (and first tries). First feed, first diaper, first whatever… some days will come easy, and some days will be awkward. But once you get past it, the second and thirds are so worth it!

  2. Showing up. All I can do some days is show up and see what happens. For writing, this means sitting down to do it – even if I have no ideas. As a mom, it means rolling out of bed again. And again. And again.

  3. A little focus goes a long way. Setting a 5 minute timer to write can lead to a breakthrough, just as focused time with the kiddo can solve a mood.

  4. Titled earned by doing. People who mother are moms. People who write are writers.

  5. I don’t know. I don’t know where my words will go- though I can hope. I don’t know how tonight will go- though I can hope.

  6. Live twice. Natalie Goldberg says, “To write is to live twice. You get to do it all again on the page.” Having a baby is also just that: you get to see how you might have discovered the world many years ago.