Cead Mile Failte

When I arrived in Dublin, it was all blue skies, wide streets, accents, and that “stiletto in the ghetto” as locals like to call it (aka- the Spire). The feel there was much slower and friendlier than my week previous in London, and I was happy for it. My back aching, I let my feet pound the pavement to the hostel, a good firm grip on my new sunny disposition about my home for the next year.

Before coming to Dublin, I did little prep. I mean, it was 2007 and I was 18. I looked as far into it as hearing some ridiculous statistic like “over half the population in Ireland’s capital is under the age of 26.” Sold. Then it was all flight booking, money saving, and planning London.

To my credit I did book my first few hostel nights, but I wanted Dublin to be a blank slate for me. This means I was undeniably lost upon arrival, seeing the Spire on O’Connell street.

“Well, walk to that corner and then you’ll see the pub, love, and then take a left til ya find the offie. Get on past the offie and theres an alley but don’t be goin there just follow follow that there curve and you’ll see the lads at the bookie and then walk a wee ways to the roight past the church there til ya see the hostel. Dya got tha’ love?”

Eventually, yes. I found my hostel that had no vacancy, as it turns out I was slotted to stay there the next night.

Dublin was quick to the punch, and planning ahead is for the birds.

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