Love travel? Let’s Get Creative! [31 Day Challenge]

Why do people love travel?

I’ve now had over two dozen conversations with real people about travel. Why they go, how they do it.

The newness, the change of environment, the daily challenge. The sense of accomplishment- even if all you did that day was make it through, or finally relocate with a huge travel day.

These feelings of satisfaction, change and hitting ‘refresh’ can happen at home.

So. I am turning 1 year older on Sept 29, and to celebrate, I would like you to join me in becoming 31 days more creative.

“Well travelled” starts at home.

Yesterday, I watched Joseph Gordon Levitt do a Ted Talk.

Then I spontaneously went to a songwriting workshop with a half baked idea. It was fun.

Today, I listened to a collaborative creative podcast episode. People gave creative advice to their previous selves (5 years ago).

“You have a fire within you, you just have to ignite it.”

31 days starting August 30th. On the 31st day, I’ll turn 31. Let’s celebrate! 

Here’s the challenge I’ve made for myself. :

  1. Play my own ORIGINAL music daily.
  2. For a minimum 30 seconds each time.
  3. The first take is the ONLY take.

I need you and your travelling mind on board. You in?

  1. Make your own rules! You don’t have to do music. You can do anything on HitRecord, but it MUST be yours + original.
  2. Watch the below video and publish original work for the next 31 days
  3. Follow me on HitRecord (@Libsagog) so that I can find you, and we can help eachother. Want to brainstorm? Contact me!

The experiment starts this FRIDAY August 30. 31 days, and on the 31st day, I’ll turn 31. Let’s celebrate! 

Well travelled starts from home. With connection. With taking chances. So, take a chance on connecting with your creativity.