We got enough money together for the tomato moulin to be fixed, which involved the “soudeur”, who we paid 18 500 CFA (38.51 CAD) for parts, and 6000 CFA (12.49 CAD) for labour. He referred us to a mechanic for the engine, who we paid 3950 (8.22 CAD) for parts, and 2000 (4.16 CAD) for labour. It is crazy how cheap labour is here. End of the post is tomato and pepper crushing in action… all the tomatoes sold here are gorgeous like this; almost every meal I eat is with some sort of tomato sauce! The association will call us into next week to discuss how things are going, and how they will use the profits of the tomato sales. This project was much cheaper than I had expected (totalling 63.38 CAD), so we have approx 75.00 left over to put towards the next project.
Also very exciting is my new (old) bike! A family I know here let me use their bike for the rest of my stay, so long as I could get it repaired. It was kind of shanty, one peddle, one busted brake, seat broken etc. I have it til February and then give it back to them. Considering repairs were just under twenty dollars Canadian, and we couldnt find a used bike to buy for less than 90 dollars, this was a no brainer! No now Im crusing around in the sand, sun and my thighs and cancer free skin thank me.
La vie est belle, have a good day!