Yukon ho!

My Travels
We’ve been back in Canada almost 6 weeks now.  We’ve quite happily spent little time on the internet, and a lot of time outside hiking and on our road trip!
So… where have we been and where are we going?
Vancouver-Vancouver Island-Driving North
First off, we spent a week or so with friends in Vancouver area, visited my Aunt and Uncle and then met up with the Car Delivery Squad, Kathryn and Andrew.  They drove our 1997 Corolla to us from Winnipeg!  A little more time on Vancouver Island, and next up, we road tripped our way to Nelson via some of the forest fire areas. Kamloops was the smokiest we saw.
The Chilkoot Trail
Picked up my cousin Aaron, and camped our way up to Whitehorse.  We’ve been in the Yukon for 3 weeks, and it has been great: Aaron, his dog Gus, Brad and I hiked the Chilkoot trail, 53.5 kilometers from Skagway, Alaska to Bennett, BC. Mostly good weather, the trail itself chronicles the passage of hopeful prospectors headed to the Yukon during the gold rush of 1897-98. They would bring over 1000 lbs of supplies with them- the RCMP required them to have a year’s supply of goods.  Hard to complain about our packs with only 5 days of supplies, but don’t worry- I still found a way. 🙂  The trail had information along the way detailing their trip, making it the ‘longest museum in the world’.  There were also all sorts of rusted out items left behind as people carried on the trail.. from rusty cans of food to entire kitchen appliances and giant saw blades.
Don’t touch the artifacts!
Next up, Brad’s parents Betty and Doug came to visit for a week in Whitehorse! We visited the city itself, Kluane National Park and made another day trip to Skagway Alaska. Whitehorse isn’t a huge place… just under 30 000 people live here, which suits us fine after the Megacities of Asia.  Tourism is booming here in the summer, so lots to do in the city and in the area. One highlight was the Wildlife Preserve where you can see Muskox, Mountain Goats, Caribou, Arctic Foxes and even Lynx.
A view of Kluane National Park  
Tombstone-Dawson City-Chicken-Kluane
This past week, we travelled again with Aaron and Gus up to Tombstone Territorial Park- the furthest point we’re going on this trip in Canada. So… does that mean that we’re technically ‘on our way home’?!
After Tombstone, we went to Dawson City for an evening of Burlesque, watching the Mayweather/MacGregor fight and -of course- had to do the infamous Sourtoe cocktail.  It was a busy night. If you havent heard of the Sourtoe cocktail, it’s a shot of alcohol the has a human toe floated in it. The toe has to touch your lips in order to have done the shot correctly.  Since everyone is linked to Swan River in some way, the ‘Toe Captain’  saw my Manitoba ID and said his brother lives there.
Brad and the Toe Captain.
We made our way back to Whitehorse via Chicken, Alaska, where the most defining moment of my Alaska experience happened:
A man in camouflage pants with a handgun holstered and hanging on his stomach walked in to the diner (1 of 3 establishments in Chicken) where we stopped for lunch. Note: Just seeing camo and a gun that isn’t concealed is an Alaska Tourist Win in and of itself.
The owner was chatting with him, then says, “You look serious”.
The man drawls, “The only thing I’m serious about is chicken. You got any left?”
Maybe you had to be there, but it was a most defining moment!

VIEW FROM A BRAD: Literally, a view this time.