We did the “remise des materiels”!
Heres a few photos… it was a good time and the coaches were all excited to get back in the playing field. The materials provided were soccer balls, two hula hoops, string, bands to distinguish teams, Right to Play Tshirts (look at all those canadian flags!!), and RTP umbrellas. We had a wee soccer match in the yard of our office, which is always a humbling experience here… yeah right barefoot soccer! The game manuals weren’t able to get to our office in time from Cotonou for our morning, but will be provided in the next week or so.

Sort of related… Africa football cup is on! It started Saturday, and is being held in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Jules was so excited he bought a satellite dish so we could get channels, but the cable guy couldn’t get it in the wall. This is our new balcony furnishing! Hilarious!