Hey, I’m Libby. I’ve noticed that a lot of conversations about travel have more to do with consumption (more, more, more) rather than what it’s really like. Curious about slow travel, purpose driven travel, and alternative lifestyles, I’ve also studied International Development. Some highlights of my career have been working with students on their travel goals, learning about minority languages in Western Canada, and orchestrating a slumber party in a football stadium.

Blowing things up as a fireworks technician was fun, too.

Nowadays, I write for The Eco Hub, and work on my own projects: I want to learn how people experience travel and culture, in a way that takes listeners on their own unique trip. So, I’m starting out by talking to folks who have travelled in interesting ways, and also recording my own solo episodes on specific subjects, based on listener feedback (contact form below).

Find out a little more about my travels in Episode 1, the day I started a new adventure.
Or in Episode 14, at a public talk about Travelling Minds (Talk starts at minute 8:30).
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